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What is a corporate loan?

When an operating business needs more funding, it applies for a corporate loan. The loan it receives can be useful for the following requirements:

  • To take care of daily expenditure
  • To renovate the firm
  • To fund the working capital
  • To expand your market
  • Secured and Unsecured Loans

    Corporate loan can either be secured or unsecured. Secured loans require that you provide collateral. It helps the lender sell the asset you offered to repay the loan if you fail in this regard. Going for this loan enables you to get lower interest rates and more extended repayment periods.

    Eligibility Criteria Required for Capital Trade CORPORATE LOAN

    Eligibility Criteria Description
    Income Tax Return Should have filed an income tax return for at least one year; banks may require you to provide two ITR files
    Financial stability Your bank statements of the previous six months give the lender an idea of your track record
    Annual income 10000000; certain lenders allow exemptions
    Business stability The history and track record of your business

    Documents Required for Capital Trade CORPORATE LOAN

    Identity Proof Passport/ driving license/PAN card/ Photo credit card (with embossed Signature and last two months statement)/ banker's sign verification
    Age Proof PAN Card/ Passport/ Driving Licence/ School leaving certificate/ Voter's card/ Birth Certificate/ LIC policy (only for age Proof).
    Address Proof Passport/ Electricity bill/ Title deed of property/Rental agreement/ Driving license/ Election ID card/ Photo-credit card (with last two month statements)
    Income Proof Bank statement of the previous 6 months

    Advantages and benefits

  • Hassle-free loan processing
  • Easy documentation
  • Pocket-friendly repayment
  • Attractive Rate of Interest
  • After Completed all EMI Personal Loan will close without any charges